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Summer Small Groups (2019)

Back by popular demand, I will be offering my 8-week, summer small groups clinic. This clinic concentrates on learning and executing proper skating movements, puck control and shooting motions. As learning these skills properly is only as good as the ability to apply them, skater-specific, skill-based content is designed and combined into dynamic drill progressions that not only challenge the 'know how' of the skills, but also the 'know when' to apply them in game situations. By creating this quality-controlled learning environment with a 6-to-1, coach-to-player ratio, skaters receive individualized, 'active coaching' that focuses on the efficiency of their movements; yet are still involved in a competitive group environment that allow them to work with and against players of similar skill sets.

Beginning June 12 and ending August 17, session times will be on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, between 2:15-5:15 p.m. In handpicking groups based on individual skill set, the same group of skaters will skate the same hour-long session on the same day/time each week. If a session can't be made, one make-up session will be made available. There will not be a session the week of July 4th. All sessions will be held at Eble Park Ice Arena.

Cost for these eight weeks is $350, which covers ice fees as well. Please inquire about sibling discounts and early-bird rates.

If you are interested, either individually or if you have several skaters in mind, please contact Brian Kreilkamp at, and more information on dates/times and locations will be provided.

Historically, this clinic fills quickly, so please contact me to reserve your spot today!