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Private Lessons

Private lessons provide players with one-on-one hockey instruction, and are available for players of all ages and skill levels. These sessions are typically an hour in duration.

Cost for a private lesson is $60.00 per player/per hour session. *

Semi-Private Lessons

Semi-private lessons are designed for small groups of two to five skaters of similar age and skill level. The emphasis in these sessions is placed on individual hockey skating and skill work, as well as how they can be used in a game situation. Players receive the same instruction they would in one-on-one sessions, with the only difference being the addition of other skaters on the ice receiving the same instruction. It allows players the ability to work with and against other players, creating a more game-realistic learning environment. These sessions are typically an hour in duration. Cost for semi-private lessons is at a reduced rate and outlined below. *

2 Players: $35 per hour / per player
3+ Players: $30 per hour / per player

Group & Team Sessions

Group and team lessons can be a complete concentration on the technical and tactical aspects of skating or combine hockey skating and skill work with team play strategies to create an engaging, dynamic practice. Team play strategies could include, but aren’t limited to defensive zone coverage, breakouts, neutral zone regroup, forechecks, line rush for, line rush against, offensive zone play, penalty kill, power play and face-offs. The content of group and team lessons is designed according to age and skill level.

For the cost of group and team sessions, please send an e-mail to

* Please reference the FAQ section for additional rink fees.