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To schedule lessons, click on the monthly schedule link below. You will find that the monthly schedule lists both available and booked ice times and is divided into the following five sections:

Type (i.e. Skating or Skill)
Location (i.e. Pettit, Eble or Nag)
Level/Skaters (i.e. Bantam 2)

If scheduling a private lesson, please select the date, time, type and location that best accommodates you, and make sure that the level/skater section is blank, which signifies an unscheduled session.

If scheduling a pre-existing, semi-private session, please pay special attention to the level/skater section. This section tells the age level and number of skaters already scheduled for a given session (i.e. Bantam (2) specifies that two Bantam-aged players are scheduled for that session). Please note that you may schedule with players one level above and/or below a given age level (i.e. PeeWees can skate with Bantams and vice versa); although skill level will be the biggest determinate, which will be decided by Edge Control Hockey.

Once you've determined the sessions and times that work best for you, please e-mail us at

Session times do fill up quickly, so if you prefer consistent weekly session times, please sign-up as far in advance as possible.

CLICK HERE for the Lesson Schedule

Check back frequently for added session times and an updated monthly schedule.